Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Lee Myung Bak is die."

The newly elected president (June 3 marked his 100th day in office) is already embroiled in conflict over US beef imports.  
News has reached the children and they are livid.  Interestingly enough, it's my youngest classes that are the most irate.  Six year olds have such strong opinions these days.  Their phonics practice sentences have included such gems as:  

~"I take the knife from the drawer and put it into Lee Myung Bak's head." 
~"Lee Myung Bak's face in the microwave."
~"I put the pen into Lee Myung Bak's heart." 
~"The lemon is in Lee Myung Bak's eye."  

I allow the carnage to continue, because at least they are killing in English.  

It's almost as priceless as my 13 year old girl students' crush on Obama...