Friday, June 12, 2009

"Departure's a simple act..." or is it?

These next three months (July, August, September) find me saying good-bye to several very dear friends.  I know beyond a shadow that I will most certainly see them all again, but I'm concerned with their physical location in that it thwarts my ability to call them up for a coffee dates.  That's going to be a drag.  
Such is the life of an expat, but as my friend remarked, "It comes in waves."  This is just one of the swells, but I haven't decided if it's an upsurge or downturn.  I suppose it depends on your perspective.  The same wave that terrifies the novice swimmer produces sheer delight in the experienced surfer (thank you Oswald, for that one).

Either way, it's a season of change and I'm determined to face it deliberately, with my eyes open and senses ready to feel, whatever that may entail.  

(Only I might just put on sunglasses first ;)

At the K2 Airbase (top secret!) for a church picnic.

I'm the one in the middle wearing sunglasses.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Serious, Non-Life Threatening Conditions, Part 7

Dear Friends and Family in Michigan, Florida, Calicalifornia, and beyond:
(Mom, Mezza, Aunt Dianne &Uncle Art, Aunt Rosi &Uncle Ed, Aunt Merry & Uncle Brandt, Aunt Kathi & Uncle Jerry, coolest cousins in the world Eddie, Julie, Josh and Jess) 

I am absolutely fine. 
Kim Jong-Il and his various incarnations are beating the war drums, but I feel like that's really all they're bringing to the table right now.  

Nothing wrong over here except a serious (but non-life threatening) case of The Lazies.  
Prescription Cure: A good, swift kick in the backside.   
Prognosis: Good, as long as said cure is received.  

Am loving the new location and job.  Co-workers are smashing good fun and church is faith incarnate.  
Hoping you all are well!