Friday, November 14, 2008

Complaints about Korea.

In order of importance:
1. Vicious little mosquitos.
2. Foreigners with bad attitudes.

And right now, the mosquitos are top on my list.  In mid-November.  Yes, really. 
I was hoping that the cold would kill 'em off, but the heat in my building went on early and pervasively, so I suppose it hasn't been cold enough to encourage them to move the heck on, which motivated me to turn on the air-conditioner last night at 4 in the morning.  In mid-November.  Yes, really.   
This morning I woke up w. three new bites:  one on my nose, one on the knuckle of the first finger of my left hand, and one in my *ahem* bust region.

Cheeky devils. 

But really, that's the sum of my complaints after nine months of living in the country.   
Not too bad.  

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Was in Ulsan last week for work, and while it can be a bit of a hassle, it's also quite interesting and a lot of fun to see different parts of the country.  Also had a chance to meet up w. Guitar Guy, who I met through the Leader of the Banned.  We jammed a bit and I went home with homework and a listening list.        

Had coffee w. a friend last Sunday and she mentioned that she was taking Masters courses.  I said that I wanted to get my masters in something, but that I had so many interests that it was difficult for me to choose an area.  What I really meant to say was that I'm so scattered that I can't bring myself to commit to one specific program.  
In what one subject do I see myself investing a significant amount of time and energy?  This is the question...       

Right now, my main areas of focus are (in no specific order):
Learning French
Learning Korean
Re-Learning (and continuing to learn) the violin
Hacking out words.
The Limey suggested picking up a new hobby in Korea that would be specifically "Korea" with which I would always associate my time here.  So far, it feels like I'm reclaiming parts of myself that I thought I'd lost or wouldn't have a chance to use again.  I'm also trying to develop areas that I'd always meant to work on, but never had the time.  So thank you, Korea, for giving me this gift of time.  Now the challenge is to use it wisely...