Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Blog Slapped"

So when I was younger (like, er, two years ago...) I used to do this thing where I would totally write a blog with a certain person in mind, hope that they'd read it, and be appropriately emotionally afflicted.  I totally don't do that kind of thing (much) anymore, mostly because it's something a 2-year-old would do and I'm trying very hard to put childish things aside.  

This morning finds me about to engage in the (very grown up) act of visiting the dentist, which is actually quite cheap and effective here in SoKo.  I discovered this out of necessity (a that I got in the States fell out crown fell out and I needed it repaired) but once I struck up a friendship with the dentist, who works on our company's CEO and gives us all 10% discounts, I started not being opposed to the idea of making those regular (very grown up) visits to the dentist a habit. 

So here I am in my very grown up apartment, drinking coffee, about to go to my very grown up appointment, feeling very grown up.  It's exhausting, but really, this whole "pretending to be a grown-up" thing isn't all that bad. 


Thursday, September 24, 2009


TGIF (Thank God It's Fall)
Yesterday was the first official day of fall.  Hurray!

While the temperature isn't showing it, (still 80+ degrees out here) there's a definite shift in the air.  The nights are coming sooner (getting dark after my second class, as opposed to my third) and the air is crisping up.  The kids are going back to school with new uniforms, backpacks, and notebooks.    

I look forward to this new season partially because I'm eager to leave summer behind, but also because I just love fall.  In Korea, it has enormous hubcap-sized leaves and streets filled with roasting chestnuts and fresh-baked waffles.  It also brings a host of endings and new beginnings.   

The good-byes this year were the sweetest yet and happened peacefully with forethought and celebration.  I'm ridiculously proud of the awesome people (one young women in particular ;) ) that have come into my life and can't wait to see where we'll meet again.  I'm getting ready to watch out the window.    

Until then, it's nose to the grindstone season where I'll be sending myself back to school, as it were, and preparing for the next chapter in my life.  This is a coming hibernation with the promise of rebirth.  We're lucky the streetlights come on earlier so we can see clearly on the way back home.