Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Blog Slapped"

So when I was younger (like, er, two years ago...) I used to do this thing where I would totally write a blog with a certain person in mind, hope that they'd read it, and be appropriately emotionally afflicted.  I totally don't do that kind of thing (much) anymore, mostly because it's something a 2-year-old would do and I'm trying very hard to put childish things aside.  

This morning finds me about to engage in the (very grown up) act of visiting the dentist, which is actually quite cheap and effective here in SoKo.  I discovered this out of necessity (a that I got in the States fell out crown fell out and I needed it repaired) but once I struck up a friendship with the dentist, who works on our company's CEO and gives us all 10% discounts, I started not being opposed to the idea of making those regular (very grown up) visits to the dentist a habit. 

So here I am in my very grown up apartment, drinking coffee, about to go to my very grown up appointment, feeling very grown up.  It's exhausting, but really, this whole "pretending to be a grown-up" thing isn't all that bad. 



Jules said...

yeah for the dentist! Dr. Mac rocks!

Emily Wilkins said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure that 2-year-olds do not write blogs, so you're safe there!

meg said...

Hello! You don't know me, but I'm Meg & I'm a teacher in SoKo, also. This is super random, as I was just looking up places in Daegu and stumbled upon your blog, but I am looking for a dentist, and was wondering if you could give me your doc's info? I'm trying to be a big-girl, too... haha. Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Alexis Anderson Lee said...

Hey there, Meg!
Happy to oblige.
My dentist is Dr. Mac and his number is 053 745-2876. He's super.

meg said...

Hello, again... I'm so sorry to pester you! I called your dentist and got an appt., and I tried to get directions, but they're pretty confusing- would you mind telling me how you get there? I really appreciate all your help!!!

Alexis Anderson Lee said...

Sure! It's the Beomeo subway stop (on the green line) come out exit 11, cross the little street, and it's the building with glass doors on the corner to the right, next door to a bank (can't remember which one, but it's the only bank on that corner) 3rd floor.