Monday, September 8, 2008

How I Spend My Money: Part 1

It is ridiculously easy to save money over here, but with the recent medical expenses (emergency room and dentist), plus the fact that there are so many fun people around me to hang out with, it makes sense to be a bit more aware of the money I'm spending.  One of my main reasons for being in Korea is to improve my financial situation and while working on this I also hope to teach myself new spending habits and methods of dealing with and thinking about money in general.  

Total spending last week equalled a grand total of 133,860, including groceries for next week.  I managed to buy healthy food, fill up my transit card, pick up some (inexpensive) clothes and accessories, purchase a very small early Christmas present, and even squeeze in two fun "nights out".
My Spending Log:

2,000 won - chamchi kimpop

2,700 won - snacks

Groceries - 8,550
Post Office- 700
Early Christmas Gift- 1,500
Newspaper: 700
Bracelet: 10,000
Entertainment ("bar bill") 2,000
Fast Food: 4,000
Cab: 3,000
Snacks: 1,700
Total= 32,150

Water: 9,000
Groceries: 16,510
Bag of Apples: 5,000

Snacks- 3,900

Coffee- 3,700
Movie- 7,000 (Mamma Mia!) 
Snacks- 4,800

Snacks- 3,000
New pair of pants- 4,900
Groceries- 32,200
Transit card- 10,000

1 comment:

Gavin said...

I can't believe how little you spend. Of course spending money doesn't always correlate with having a good time but...

I'm hoping there's a part 2 because I'll be stunned if that's all you spend!

Right now money is leaving me faster than sand in the palm of my hands