Saturday, April 24, 2010

Serious, Non-Life Threatening Conditions, Part 9

I have a case of the "Now Disease". From what I've heard, though, I'm in good company. Symptoms include:
~Wanting to know where I'll end up seven months from now... RIGHT NOW.
~Wanting to know what you think of me... RIGHT NOW.
~Wanting this, wanting that... RIGHT NOW!!!

Add this to the list of things about me that I'm actively seeking to change.

~Daily application of faith and prayer. (What???? How LAME is that!-- Lame, but true. Simmer down and give it a try...)
~Communion with others who have this disease and who are also working for a cure.

But to be fair to me...
One thing about me that is actually rather quite lovely:
~I do the dishes immediately. (Yes, that's right: I've gone from being someone who would rather get a root canal than pick up the sponge, to someone who actually doesn't mind doing them at all. Just ask my mother for references...)

And on that note, I am now off to clean my apartment. Or at least make a darn good show of pretending to clean my apartment. Act as if!

1 comment:

Janice said...

I think the dishes are yet another symptom: Wanting to have clean dishes...RIGHT NOW!