Monday, February 15, 2010

(Y)our Girl, heading home...

6 days to go 'till I get on a plane bound for home.  (Vancouver, actually, but eventually home bound... you get the point.) 


Excited to be going home, terrified that I haven't "done enough", overwhelmed, relieved, excited, scared, hopeful.... all in one big ball. I have re-signed for another six months out in SoKo, which puts me looking to transition home again at the end of September, hopefully into a more permanent position.   

Trying to accept all my feelings as part of the experience and not let them stop me from doing what I know to be the next right thing. 

Looking forward to some home time, seeing the family/friends.  Will be visiting Nashville and hopefully DC.  Looking forward to that as well.  

Just looking forward in general, while still trying to live in the "right now" as well as possible.   Look back, but don't stare.  Let it fuel your journey forward. 

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