Sunday, March 7, 2010

Notes from the Homefront, part 2010

Have been home for a bit over a week and it's been a blast.  Two snow days, a trip to Minagic, and a visit to upstate NY.  What more could a girl ask for?   

Right now, am visiting the lil' sis in Nashville with momma and our aunt Merry.   We've gone on a "thrift shop tour" of the city, visited the puppy park, Centennial Park, (including the Parthenon).  We ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which was campy over the top tropical fun complete with simulated thunderstorms, chattering monkeys, prism rainbows and aquarium walls.  We swung by the Gaylord Opryland hotel for a quick walk-through, just to say we'd seen it.  Caught a water-light show, and almost got lost in the epic vast-ness of the place, with its glass ceilings and winding portico walkways.  

We're planning on church tomorrow, then driving home super early on Monday morning, starting out around 3AM.  It's a 14 hour drive and I have a phone interview scheduled for Tuesday at 8AM.  It'll be tight but I'll be there, standing up and smiling, with my resume taped to the wall.

As I prepare to transition home within the next six months,  ("home" -- how I love the sound of that word....) am actively searching for my next landing pad. I know that my preference is to stay in the northeastern US and I am also thinking that the "love of childhood" bug has bitten me and I might also want to stay in education.

We'll see how it all pans out.

Korea is forever a part of me... but home is where I belong.    


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