Sunday, August 17, 2008

City Girl

Thomas Hardy may have thought that the devil had gone with the world to town, but I feel as though God has set up house in the city.  On Wednesday I moved into a new flat right in the heart of town (Beomeo neighborhood) and so far, I'm loving my new location.  I can look out my window and see trees, grass, cars, and bustling civilization.  I've always loved the rhythm of the city and I believe it's because it makes me feel more connected to the world at large and reminds me that life is so much bigger than my problems.  

The move was motivated by a change in my job situation; I'm still working for the same company, only now I'm a "floater" teacher who travels to different branches to cover for other teachers who are sick, on holiday, or out of the office for any reason.  Again so far, the job seems pretty wonderful.  I miss not having the same set stable of kids, but I like the vantage point my mobile position affords.  I've only been doing it for three days, but so far, so good...  

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simplypanda said...

Hey! Haven't been by in a while, but man! Just read all the stuff about your hectic allergy emergencies! I'm glad you're ok now. Jeju was nice? I haven't been there yet... in Japan now.