Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"More detailed updates..."

My favorite Limey in Chilgok has politely requested more info on the current work situation and I'm happy to oblige.  I've only officially been doing the job (floating) for ten days, but so far, it seems to be a lot of fun and a definite improvement on my former situation.  I feel like I will get a bird's eye view of all the different branches (there are over twenty) and can experience teaching at both the "Regular" and "Special" schools.  

Today was my first day teaching at a "Special" branch and there was a marked difference in atmosphere.  The halls were quieter and from the beginning I noticed fewer discipline problems in the classrooms.  The curriculum is simpler and allows more room for discussion, while the students seem more motivated and eager to participate.     

This job comes with the definite drawback of not having a set routine and class every day, but the advantage of being able to teach in and learn from all different work locations and situations.   I imagine it feels similar to being a consultant and I'm hoping to learn how to better adjust to life on the move.  


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