Monday, February 2, 2009

Passing the Torch

I bought a new backpack today.  This is news-worthy, I promise.  

I'd needed a new one for ages now, ever since the lining ripped in Old Faithful.  The pockets in the front aren't pockets anymore, so all my stuff just kind of puddles into the middle making it near impossible to locate key items (like bus passes, which is not a good way to make friends with the people behind you in line, let me say.)  The fabric is so thin that things like pens and pencils poke out and incapacitate me at key moments (like when I'm already 5 minutes late for work) but despite all this, I was still reluctant to let it go.    

It was purchased from the GAP in 2002 for 9 bucks.  It's been on 3 continents and through two major life changes and I feel like it carries a little part of me with it.  It was one of those items that snuck up on me in its usefulness; I hadn't planned for it to become such a bit part of my life.  I feel like it kind of became like a trusted friend that I could turn to for extra support and room and letting it go has been so much harder than I expected.  

Today, I finally took the plunge and bought a North Face Sure Shot (32 L/2100 cu. in.)  I had done endless research on the different styles available, etc. and had agonized over the purchase for months.  Even in the store, I waffled endlessly between two options when this one finally won out.  (Thanks Tabs, Janice, and Xtina for being part of my "panel of advisors" ;))  I'm confident in this new decision, but I feel the need to mark the passage of Old Faithful.  It's not just a bag, it's a friend.            

My motto for 2009 is "Fewer, Better" and I hope that I'll be able to carry this out in all aspects of my life.  Learn the lessons, release the past, embrace the future.   

Old Faithful, you will be missed.  Sure Shot, welcome home.  


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