Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Consulate and Free Stuff

Interviewed at the Korean Consulate (460 Park Ave. 6th floor. NYC) this afternoon.

It took about 8 minutes and included such questions as "Who is your favorite author?" (I was an English major) "Why do you want to go to Korea?" and "Are you satisfied with the terms and conditions of your contract?" Interesting observation: The interviewer was wearing slippers, his shoes were tucked under his desk. Korea, I dub thee Land of the House Shoe.
I pick up my visa tomorrow @ 2pm.

Right across the hall from the Korean Consulate is is the Korean Cultural Service, a delightful little enclave that features a exhibits of Korean and Korean-American artists, video installations, and a lovely little lending library that doles out free literature like Santa at Christmas. I left bearing a hefty little stash of maps, an airport guide, and a fat little book entitled "The Flavor and Tradition of Korean Restaurants", published by Korean Food Services, Inc. I'm looking forward to using this as my guide to the gastronomic delights that await.

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