Sunday, March 16, 2008

Venturing Out

Saturday, 3/15

"I Love Speed" 

Off on my first solo excursion to Daejeon.  Took the KTX "bullet" train, which got me there in 48 minutes and cost 18.300 won.  (appx $18.30) There's lots of press that makes this train out to be something space age, but really, it's kind of like a NYRR train in the states.  It's fast, but it's no teleportation...  Hmmm, teleportation.  Now THAT I would pay good money to experience.  Come on, Korea.  Let's get on it!   

Daejeon Station 

Met up w. Ms. Fighter Girl (who rocks the lingo like a native) and her new fiancee.  We walked around downtown and picked up their Hanboks, traditional Korean wedding clothes, which they bought to wear for the ceremony back in the states.  

We dropped the boxes off at their apartment, which is positively palatial.  It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms -one with a bathtub (!)- and two balconies.  

The Chairman's Request 

Had a little fun at E-Mart, or "sigma dot" as Ms. Fighter calls it (the sign looks like the greek letter Sigma) It's Korea's answer to Wal-Mart.  And it's open 24/7.  When I heard that, I think I had a teeny tiny heart flutter.  

Found a Popeye's and decided to pay homage to the Chairman.  Look!  I'm even giving the international sign of peace.  

My purchases included a book of short stories w. English on one side and the Korean translation printed on the other.   

Oh, happy day.  

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