Friday, March 28, 2008


Your girl is working on getting internet access set up...
She hopes to resume blogging just as soon as possible. 
In the meantime, she is storing up delightful tidbits for your amusement. 

(It's amazing how quickly you get used to things.  Before I came to SoKo, I was using trusty ol' 56k dial-up and that was just fine.  Now I feel like it's part of my basic human rights to have hi-speed internet access everywhere I go... This is a slippery slope, I'm sure.)

Meanwhile, I'm a pirate surfing the net like a bandit. 

Kid story: We were discussing extreme sports and danger.  One of the questions in the workbook 'which of these sports have you tried: skiing, rock climbing, tennis, soccer, surfing.' 
The kid question: "Teacher, surfing is mean 'surfing the net'?" 
Er, no.  But almost as much fun.  

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