Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moving In, SoKo style...

Lest we allow this weekend's sickness to detract from the overall fun of the experience, here are some snaps from last weekend for your amusement:

This is me: preparing to clean... 
(I'm a "Method" cleaner... I like to get into character first.) 

I'm a maniac once I actually get going.

More lounging around in the finished product.

And finally, the view from my bed: 

Back to my current status~ Sucking down citron tea and water.  My luck I'll wake up with a vitamin C hang-over, which would be fine, as long as I wake up no longer sick.
Power of suggestion: I will wake up healthy and full of energy. 


Lisa said...

I'm a fan of the Vita500's when I'm sick (or feeling like I'm going to be sick). Glad to see you're settling in nicely!

Emily Wilkins said...

That looks like a fabulous apartment. And you don't have a roommate? I'm a bit jealous:) Hope you feel better!

Stephanie said...

love that red chair!!

i too have cleaning rituals. mine involve loud music and wearing a crown.