Sunday, August 15, 2010

46 - Getting it Right

"I have never though of myself as a ‘born’ writer—anymore than I think of myself as a ‘natural’ athlete, or even a good one. What I am is a good rewriter; I never get anything right the first time—I just know how to revise, and revise."
John Irving, Trying to Save Piggy Sneed

In life, I feel like we're constantly offered the opportunity to "revise". In any given situation if we haven't gotten it right the first time, it feels like we're often given other chances to learn the same lesson over again. Sometimes this is a blessing; sometimes this is a curse. In my current situation, I feel like I'm being offered an opportunity to re-learn the ability to say good-by. In the past to make a transition easier I've soured relationships/work situations to the point where it was actually a relief to be leaving them, but I realize that this may be my pattern.

In this current transition, I'm aiming to work to my very best right up until the end and be able to close out my contract knowing that I have finished well.

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