Thursday, July 29, 2010

63 -Exactly Nine Weeks Left...

In nine weeks, I'll walk home from work, either by my usual route: up the escalator and around the courthouse or for a change, up the narrow side street by the shanty town. My bags will be packed and ready to go.

I hope to then...
~haul them down the two flights of winding in my apartment, walk out to the corner
~get into a taxi that will take me to the express bus station.
~board a bus bound for the Incheon Airport
~get on a plane bound for Shanghi
~connect to a plane bound for Newark Liberty International Airport.
~wait in a customs and immigration line (well, I don't really hope for the the "waiting" part, but necessary evil, I suppose)
~confirm that I have not travelled into any rural areas in the past 30 days, nor am I carrying more than $10,000 worth of merchandise...
~hand over my passport
~receive my passport back (... and I'm hoping they say "Welcome home.")

And finally, I hope to...
~walk out and meet my mom.

I look forward to this day as the last page in my "English Teacher in Korea" chapter and the first page in the "Rest of My Life" chapter. Of course I have my own desires, wants, goals, plans... but I know that they're none of them worth the time it takes to think them out. Oh, God Almighty Creator of the Universe, give me grace to dream dreams that You would want me to dream and the courage to make them come true.

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