Wednesday, July 7, 2010

85 - Blog-stalking

So when I first came to Korea, I "stalked" a number of Korea-centric blogs. It was mostly to check out the scene and get an idea of what I would be coming into, but I ended up being hugely motivated by a few very special bloggers. I was a silent presence, contributing to their hits but not outright announcing myself. In an interesting and freakishly rare turn of events, last February, I actually ended up on a tour bus with one of the bloggers whom I knew by sight, but I'm supposing had no idea who I was. We ended up hitting it off (I never let her know that I read her blog...) and now we're friends on facebook. Now I'm wondering if I ought to go find these women and let them know how much their blogs inspired me...

I'm thinking that I just might do that.

Here's to those silent, motivating forces.

1 comment:

Roboseyo said...

I think you absolutely should reach out to those bloggers: getting a little positive feedback always meant a lot to me.

How you doing these days?