Saturday, July 3, 2010

89- Things You Couldn't Live Without

I recently posed a version of the "desert island" post to my kids:
"What would you take with you on a desert island?"

The answers ranged from:
"'Computer games' or 'Television' to ones like 'My mother, to do cooking'." I tried to impress upon them the gravity of the situation. "Things you need to stay alive." I said. "You are alone on a desert island. What do you need to live?"

One boy raised his hand.
"Air-Con?" he said, timidly.

So in that spirit, I offer you my list of:
7 Things I Couldn't (or wouldn't want to) Live Without
1. Water (well, obviously)
2. Coffee (it keeps me from killing people)
3. Some kind of very large bag to haul things around with
4. Pencil and Paper
5. Good stout walking shoes
6. Skype Convos
7. Community of Faith

All on a desert island.

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