Thursday, July 15, 2010

77 - Family Resemblance

To my memory, I've so far taught four sets of siblings (that I know of) here in Korea:
YongSan and BongSan (Identical twins discernible only by the soul patch BongSan sports.)
and SuBin and ChulGi

"Teacher teacher!" ChulGi exclaimed. "Next series, my older sister will be in your class."
"She will, will she?" I asked. "What's her name?"
"Her English name is 'Star'" He said, proudly. "And she is very good at English." I wondered if the personality would match the moniker and 'Star' did not disappoint. She proved to be a bubbly girl filled with interesting stories and observations. When I mentioned her brother one day in class, she rolled her eyes.
"So annoying!" she said.
"He's very proud of you." I told her.

In the world of sisters, I remember one of the sweetest moments in my sister life happened when my sister came home from one of her first college classes.
"Some professor asked me if I was your sister." she said.
"Really?" I asked. "Who?"
She told me and I gave her a hug. For some reason, that family resemblance recognized meant a lot to me.

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