Tuesday, September 14, 2010

16 - ConTENT and things I meant to say back when...

At the risk of inviting hubris (or "Murphy" of Murphy's Law), I would say that I am quite content where I am right now. I don't wish I was staying longer; I don't wish I was leaving sooner. I feel like I have been here the exact amount of time I was meant to be here and that I have done all I was supposed to do. Preparations for leaving aside, I want to take a few seconds for myself and realize that I really am that content.

Today's assignment was a trip to the pension office to claim my pension from the Korean government. It's meant for retirement and hopefully I'll be able to open up an IRA with it once I've been working (and paying taxes) in the States for 2 years.

Meant to say back in August, to any family (Aunt Dianne, Uncle Art, Aunt Rosi, Cousins Eddie or Julie, Uncle Ed, Aunt Merry, Uncle Brandt, Aunt Kathi, Uncle Jerry, Cousins Josh or Jess) I miss our August reunion. It was something I dreaded being dragged to as a kid, but as with so many things, I have come to appreciate it more now that I'm older.

Love you and miss you all!

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